PERGAMENT ORD&BILD

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Hi! My name is Torbjörn Christer Johansson, born-65, march 23. On these pages I'm going to post pics,

paintings, lyrics, insights, dreams and conclusions. I'm on my second life within a life. I died on the

slab in -09 after an accident. I broke my spine and circumstances weren't pretty, but for some reason

I 'came back' during surgery. In my 'previous' life I was a chef&headchef for 25 years, working 12 years

in Stockholm/Sweden, and then moving abroad to Rhodes/Greece, Glastonbury-Chiseldon and

Drumnadrochit/U.K, and Tromsö-Aalesund/Norway. Let's put it like this: I chose a life outside the box,

never really felt at home anywhere even though I have some favourite places on Mother Earth. Being

different, not fitting in, cause a lot of irritation among those who expect you to live a 'normal' life. I don't

know what normal is, but apparently it has something to do with 'traditional values'. I don't know what

that is either. What I do know is that; if you break those unwritten rules; there's hell to pay! What I want

to bring to the table is this: you can live your own life, make your own decisions, and start doing your

own thinking! I've had a lot of paranormal and supernatural experiences in my life, even since I was a

little kid(and before that aswell). I've had out-of-body experiences, I'm a UFO-witness(and have been

contacted), I definitely know that Guardian Angels exist! I wouldn't be able to write this if it wasn't for

them. Now, the time has come for me to share what I know. I also want to add this: I come from very

humble beginnings, destined to sit in a park and drink nighttrain out of a brown bag, but I decided to

listen to my own inner voice. It doesn't matter where you come from, what matters is where you're going...../Kindly, Torbjorn

Rottening bodies of broken dreams.../I stand there, heels up in mud and rottening corps, they're everywhere, lying on the dirty ground...

This is where they all end up, all bodies of lost dreams.../Praying and prayers, leading to nowhere, too damn difficult to make the decisions...

Decisions for directions, decisions leading to a destiny worth living.../A pile of rottening corps...a pile of dreams unlived...a pile of forgotten ghosts...

The fear of living...the fear of dying...dancing in limbo...(Torbjörn C J, october-2014)