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Välkommen till Pergament Ord&Bild! Jag heter Torbjörn Christer Johansson.

På följande sidor kommer jag att lägga upp bilder, texter, segment ur dagböcker, målningar, videoklipp

mm, som betyder och har betytt mycket för mig och min personliga utveckling. Hemsidan kommer att byggas upp löpande efterhand, så, håll utkik! Mvh, Torbjörn

Welcome to Pergament Ord&Bild! My name is Torbjörn Christer Johansson. On following pages, I'll post pictures, lyrics, segments from my personal diaries, paintings, videos, etc that have made an impact on me through the years. These pages are going to be updated as I go. More to come.../Kindly, Torbjorn Read more

Rottening bodies of broken dreams.../I stand there, heels up in mud and rottening corps, they're everywhere, lying on the dirty ground...

This is where they all end up, all bodies of lost dreams.../Praying and prayers, leading to nowhere, too damn difficult to make the decisions...

Decisions for directions, decisions leading to a destiny worth living.../A pile of rottening corps...a pile of dreams unlived...a pile of forgotten ghosts...

The fear of living...the fear of dying...dancing in limbo...(Torbjörn C J, october-2014)


...does not come easy.

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